Happy Birthday Mom


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Arlyn Zuniga is the mother and the heartbeat of VIVID LIFE.  We would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge her on her special day!

With a heart of gold, a drive like none other and a genuine desire to make people happy, Arlyn made VIVID LIFE what it is today.  Clients frequently describe Arlyn as "great", "wonderful to work with", "awesome", etc.  And this is the great thing about her.  She's not trying to be great, wonderful or awesome.  She's simply being her.

This quality is something that I believe she was born with.  The rest of us are just lucky to get to experience it.

On that note.  Thanks God.

Check out some pictures of VL's Mother in action below and feel free to send her a Happy Birthday email.  I'm sure she'd appreciate it ;).

- Jovan

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